Leyla Aydoslu & Pauline Pastry
From September 5th to October 16th 2021


EXHIBITION CONCEPT by Yuna Mathieu-Chovet

Leyla Aydoslu develops a sculptural work that flirts with architecture, unfolds and resolutely takes on its meaning in space. The artist uses construction and left over materials imbued with a memorial charge. They give to the work the freedom to unveil its own process. The molding, the fabrication of the elements and the construction of the internal structure of the pieces are the processes that she brings to light.

Through images and sculpture, Pauline Pastry explores the process of deindustrialisation of the contemporary French working class and its impact on the operating bodies. Her work develops in the mode of sociological, historical, scientific and poetic research, but also offers an intimate dimension: the artist conducts her investigation based on the testimonies of her relatives, such as her father or grandmother. They are both workers, spectators and actors of workers’ history and its perspectives.

Leyla Aydoslu & Pauline Pastry literally or metaphorically question the status of the different processes operating in the work. The mechanism of these physical, material, psychological or social phenomena reveals the hierarchical, social or economic values ​​that they imply.