Margré Steensma & Thomas Cartron
From March 19th to April 25th 2015


EXHIBITION CONCEPT by Yuna Mathieu-Chovet

In our everyday life we use many objects. Because we become very used to common items, sometimes we don’t see them anymore. But if one day you accidentally break an object, then you’ll see it. The loss makes it visible. This is how the two presented artists are working : while breaking the codes, they make them visible.
Margré Steensma works from everyday objects, changing their material, diverting them from their original function, breaking the codes to the point of absurdity. Common household items become unusable, suggesting the emptiness of the consumerist model.
Thomas Cartron works with photographic objects that he transfigures, breaking the codes of pictorial representation. The photographies becomes abstract and sometimes minimalistic because of radical iconoclast gesture. Burned photographic emulsion, or dissolved and flowing on the wall, sometimes transferred.
Together, they explore and present the wrong and the right. Margré Steensma uses the wrong material for the right objet, or the right material for the wrong object. Thomas Cartron uses the wrong gesture for the right object, or the right gesture for the wrong object.
Rubber and photographic emulsion are misused, somehow, the material reveals that way its own nature.
They show us sensual and radical objects as well as absurd objects with a pseudo-industrial aesthetic. In their own way, they bring to light the notion of transfiguration, diversion of the codes, by raising the issue of a kind of consumerist or existential emptiness of life.