Lucie Lanzini & Margré Steensma
From September 6th to October 13th 2018


EXHIBITION CONCEPT by Yuna Mathieu-Chovet

Lucie Lanzini creates sculptures made of molded parts of glass and resin. She molds fragments of architectural and decorative elements. According to an inversion principle, the new created object is a print of the missing original.
Margré Steensma works from everyday objects. She changes their material, diverting them from their original function. She uses these autonomous shapes to create new abstract spaces, that everybody is invited to invest.
Lucie Lanzini and Margré Steensma are both working on the object from its material, transforming the linked semantic corpus, allowing distance. Those artists, while reshaping the objects and their meaning, participate to a reappropriation of the reality.