Lisa Egio & Melissa Ghiette
From November 6th to December 20th 2014


EXHIBITION CONCEPT by Yuna Mathieu-Chovet

Plagiarama presents two young artists whose works focus as well on their processes than on the result itself. The work of art lies in its own process.
Our generation have grown up with consumer society and its manufactured objects. We are separated from its production processes.
In the field of Art, putting the fabrication process in the very heart of an artwork implies a will of reappropriation of its own power. Power of understanding, feeling, constructing. By giving process and its experience a prominent place, the creation of an artwork becomes something you can learn from.
Lisa Egio’s artistic practice is mostly based on performance, observation and serendipity.
The artwork is the track of a performance, favouring the experience. She takes distance with the notion of know-how, while she likes to place an emphasis on feeling and noticing.
Melissa Ghiette works in fab labs with high technical industrial materials, exploring their properties in a very experimental way. She creates high-tech sculptures looking like recycled products. She built her own stand alone system, borrowing to Industrial production its construction scheme. She was creating her own basic vocabulary and the elaboration of it naturally became an essential part of her work.
So in two very complementary works, the artists bring to light empiric processes. As catalyst of art making, the artist is where the experience is taking place. By reappropriating our own bodies and minds we reject the status the consumer society gave to human being: nothing but an object.