Pierre Toussaint & daniel Wagener
From May 9th to June 26th 2021


EXHIBITION CONCEPT by Yuna Mathieu-Chovet

Pierre Toussaint develops a black and white silver photographic work. As skilled printer, he comes from the tradition of street photography. His recent works gradually evacuates the human figure in favor of the traces of its activity, like a hollow portrait. By subscribing to a tradition he transcends, Pierre Toussaint immerses us into the physical materiality of silver print grain and the infinite richness of shades of gray.

Daniel Wagener underlines the aberrant normality of everyday life through his photographs with vivid colors and the wide variety of their printing techniques, he likes to explore. As an iconoclast, he offers images that unfold into the space: folded, distorted or even on their transport cart, he summons humor and derision. His neo-pop position pushes him to question the subject by its spatial disposition.

Pierre Toussaint and Daniel Wagener both practice a photography that documents traces of human activity and flirts with abstraction. They develop work processes and address issues that cover the entire spectrum of photography. Going beyond the boundaries of style, they simultaneously evoke the poetry of a kind of emptiness and tackle the question of representation from the angle of self-projection.