Annabelle Czyz & Emma Pollet
From January 23th to February 27th 2016


EXHIBITION CONCEPT by Yuna Mathieu-Chovet

The works of Annabelle Czyz and Emma Pollet are dealing with the idea and the perception of nature, composing and constructing a language, playing with the notions of content and context.
Annabelle Czyz creates sculptures showing their origin, as well as their belonging to their surroundings. The sculptures underline human’s position and participation into nature. Raw roots transform themselves into standardized wood, done by human activity, while their shapes divide the surroundings. Annabelle Czyz’s work includes the context in the content. For instance, when she represents a bicycle, it embraces partially the shape of the wall. It points at the context as part of the work.
Emma Pollet makes installations with tape, wooden strips and collage. She works from nature, whose designs, like skylines and trees, are always changing around us and making new designs and shapes. That is the reason why, in her work, forms are changing from the point of view you look at them. She does not focus on objects, but rather on the void between items, that makes them exist, as open doors and windows are making a house habitable.
Both artists are playing with content and context. Annabelle Czyz uses the context as an active participant of the work, subtly reinjected into the content. Emma Pollet extracts words from their context and presents them as a content itself. The artists help us to realize that both content and context are forming each other, as the two sides of the same coin.