Céline Butaye & Victor Duchêne
From April 25th to May 24th 2014


EXHIBITION CONCEPT by Yuna Mathieu-Chovet

Light allows us to perceive any work of art as a concomitant medium, revealing to us color, texture, depth. By putting the light in the very heart of their works, Céline Butaye and Victor Duchêne are looking back to the roots of human perception.
Both artists are creating objects that “catch” light: prisms that interact with their environment, using, reflecting, decomposing, diffusing the light through the room; machinery that creates diffracted lights projected through water and reacting to musical vibrations; in other words, works linked to time and space.
These artists observe and analyze the light’s behavior and the relationships with objects are part of their work. They’re presenting pieces with­ continuously changing forms, which are subject to so many natural factors. Even when this change is very subtle, the shape is moving on every single second as if art should exist to never be the same.