Anne-lise Seusse & Élodie Huet
From March 12th to April 30th 2016


EXHIBITION CONCEPT by Yuna Mathieu-Chovet

The body of work, presented at Plagiarama by Anne-lise Seusse and Élodie Huet , is questioning the apprehension of the whole and the part, and the emergence of the work during its process.
Elodie Huet’s work is dealing with accumulation and archiving. She considers stored references of the memory as a background constructing the thought. The access to information can be partial. For instance, she often presents images on their edge. Only a little part of the image is visible, and we don’t have access to the whole information.
Anne-lise Seusse is working as an anthropologist, approaching a group of people, or recently more individuals who made non-normative choices. By focusing on an atypical way of living, she’s questioning the whole society. She involves herself into a relationship and, at a certain point, a piece is done, which is part of the relation, produced in symbiosis with its subject.
Through those pieces, the artists are showing a little fragment of a greater whole, or a wide whole divided into parts. At a certain point during the working process, a work emerges, like the tip of an iceberg that can be seen above the waterline. The artists invite us to discover the whole hidden iceberg.