Elina Salminen & Maranne Walravens
From January 13th to February 24th 2018


EXHIBITION CONCEPT by Yuna Mathieu-Chovet

Less is more is a concept inherited from Mies Van der Rohe and Minimalism, based on an economy of means and suggesting a stripped bare style. Plagiarama explores those means trough Elina Salminen & Maranne Walravens works. They develop works of art, including sculpture and paintings, involving tiny and minimal interventions.
Maranne Walravens’ work emerge from founded raw materials like posters or packaging from whose she erases any message, making their plastic form visible. The boundaries between the original object and the plastic works are thin, whereas the trivial is transfigured.
Elina Salminen works as a painter, proposing barely noticeable interventions. She gives the full a wide empty around. She changes the way we look at the work, the tiny gets powerful, as our attention is focused on the weakest sign.
The works presented are going beyond the regular Less is more minimalist concept. We consider that less and more are created one by the other, and choosing less or more is one of the perpetual choices the artist has to make day by day, and that choice will give to the art work its final shape.