Emma Pollet & Anita De Laforêt
From November 11th to December 15th 2018


EXHIBITION CONCEPT by Yuna Mathieu-Chovet

Emma Pollet and Anita De Laforêt give the observation process an essential role within their respective practices. They work on the notions of nature and landscape related to time and space. They explore these notions through a certain simplicity of means.
Emma Pollet observe the void around the objects, allowing them to exist. For a text, it is the white spaces between the letters. For an object, the emptiness of the container that is waiting to be filled. She is interested in nature and landscape as elusive elements, as they are in perpetual motion and depending on the point of view you look at them.
Anita De Laforêt questions the place of human being among the nature, she observes the interaction of the individual and its environment. She works from natural materials, setting up a framework and letting time and material act. The artist places herself as spectator before reintroducing her into the work as a performance artist.
Through their works, these two artists share a sensitive experience with the public. An experience both common and singular, fleeting and always in transition, highlighting the impossibility to reproduce the observation of a world in ongoing motion and the spontaneous richness of the intimate experience.