Amélie de Beauffort & Camille Le Meur
From May 15th to June 25th, 2022

EXHIBITION CONCEPT by Yuna Mathieu-Chovet

Amélie De Beauffort unfolds a body of work where drawing embraces its multiplicity: techniques on paper but also weaving, photogram, transfer. The paper is drawn, painted, perforated, torn or bathed. The grid is a recurring pattern, which operates as a structure and as a landmark, drawn or pierced. It is this perforated grid that paradoxically allows porosity to happen, and through it letting go and the unexpected.

Camille Le Meur explores a practice of sculpture and installation derived from architectural materials. Her work develops in the form of semblances of temporary furniture. These elements will be reused in a fluid way in other works. The pattern of the grid is especially significant, the repetition of the modules allows an extension of the work which thus leads towards infinity.

These two artists bring together within their respective practices the same obsession for the pattern of the grid, a patient, precise and repetitive work in the studio which is combined with more rapid and spontaneous gestures. They thus offer structured forms also imprinted with letting go. By accepting both control and randomness, they give their work the freedom to get off the grid.