Mohammed Alani & Laura Hecker
From January 14th to February 25th 2017


EXHIBITION CONCEPT by Yuna Mathieu-Chovet

Mohammed Alani is a sculptor working from found objects. He creates works with a strong economy of means, a subtle humor and a delicate sensuality. Recently he starts working on the mathematical pieces, a body of work that integrates chalk drawings, signs and symbols from the mathematical language. The first mathematical piece he did represent a puzzling addition of joyful absurd objects. It refers to childhood memories in school, and is linked to the difficulty of understanding an abstract language.
Laura Hecker is a painter. She is questioning the relations of the subject and its background. She paints canvas whose subject has been removed, since the substance is included into the form. Now she develops her work with elements of installation, like replacing the subject that was out of the canvas in front of it, as a sculptural component. For this exhibition, the language of the painting is slipping on the wall; the pattern of the canvas is absent, out of the canvas or tries to look like a canvas.
Both artist are mixing languages and introduce the slippage of a language into another or onto another one. They consider error and slippage as a creative means that keeps art and language alive.