Elina Salminen & Leander Schönweger
From August 30th to October 17th 2020


EXHIBITION CONCEPT by Yuna Mathieu-Chovet

The works of Elina Salminen and Leander Schönweger lead the viewer to experience a certain form of confusion, be it sensory, visual, sound or mental, in relation with our own cultural constructions.
Elina Salminen creates compositions that bring painting to the front door of the installation. The pictorial interventions are in the order of the infinitesimal. The phenomena linked to color and light emerge, while the artist leads us to the limits of our sensitive perceptions.
Leander Schönweger is interested in architecture as it shapes the society in which it is part of, and the trouble it generates. The artist opacifies our relation to the work, emphasizing the way in which the environment develops a form of control over the viewer.
In focusing upon this area of ​​confusion, the artists allow us to perceive the beginning and the end of it, as well as the tipping point. Their approach thus allow the viewer to become aware of a kind of limit between himself and the works with which he is confronted.