Virginie Gouband & Samuel Coisne
From May 22nd to July 24th 2015


EXHIBITION CONCEPT by Yuna Mathieu-Chovet

Emmanuel Van der Auwera presents LCD screens whose polarizing filters have been lacereted. He plays videos on deconstructed images, creating numeric photo collages in motion, updating a political artistic approach that refers to poster artists and John Heartfield’s work, as well as making a geek practice his own. He points to the manipulation of images, by doing it very literally. He provides a new point of view on documentary and political images, and allows the viewer to question himself about his own relation to those images.
Sam Ballet shows a mural drawing representing a vintage car enhanced by a caption. He takes distance with very personal subjects, using text and television soaps quotes, decontextualizing them from their original environment. The way he works explores an anthropological process by keeping a diary and working with very fast sketches, that he will after reproduce as wall drawing. Staging the everyday life, he shows how people act and react, pointing at social relations. He also takes inspiration from social medias.
Emmanuel Van der Auwera analyzes the social environment to perceive, through a medium, the consequences on the individual construction.
Sam Ballet plays on how we perceive the meaning of an image, decontextualizing it and adding text.
Both perceptive artists are showing us how we perceive each other through the social environment, which can be a distorting mirror as well as the way we can access to ourselves.