Sybille Deligne & Melissa Ghiette
From May 20st to July 8th 2017


EXHIBITION  CONCEPT by Yuna Mathieu-Chovet

Sybille Deligne and Melissa Ghiette’s art pieces explore the question of the reception of the work, the relation between the viewer and the work of art.
Sybille Deligne shows a deep interest for the limits of what is visible and the tiny variations of perception. She presents sculptures in perpetual motion, like oil flowing or wax melting, focusing our attention on the process. The piece of art can be seen and supported by the viewer, but this experience is only a tiny part of the whole existence of the sculpture. The reception of the work is a slight fragment of an everlasting movement: almost identical, always different, the sculpture asserts therefore a certain autonomy from the viewer.
Melissa Ghiette considers the reception of the work in a different way. She built her own stand alone system, borrowing from Industrial production its construction scheme. She creates playful, versatile and modular constructions-sculptures through a click system. She intends to give to her artworks the status of a functioning, flexible object, renewing itself constantly. The status she gives to the viewer is also very inclusive. She offers them to get actively involved and explore the numerous possibilities of reshaping the installation. The viewer become, for a few minutes, an in situ artist.
Sybille Deligne gives the viewer an intense experience of perception, while the art piece asserts its own independence. Melissa Ghiette gives to the work a temporary status and to the viewer the possibility of being an artist. Those different positions with reception demonstrate that the piece of art is only a means to allow the creation of a strong relationship between the artist and the viewer.