Mélanie Berger & Noir Métal (Nicolas Bourthoumieux, Julien Dumond)
From March 12th to April 22nd, 2023


EXHIBITION CONCEPT by Yuna Mathieu-Chovet

Mélanie Berger develops her drawing practice from the gesture. She manipulates large formats as well as small notebooks. The materials used, pigments, watercolor or linseed oil, cross the layers of superimposed papers and play with transfers, transparencies, front and back, sometimes hidden or revealed. Once these drawings unfolded into space, it is the very process of transformation of the drawing that Mélanie Berger shows us.

Noir Métal is the hybrid project of artists Nicolas Bourthoumieux and Julien Dumond. Together, from their studio at Atlas Brewery, they work with metal, creating supports for artists, but also design and art objects. They mainly use found materials. Recycling is a founding principle of the project, as is its raw and minimal aspect. Their ironwork is at the crossroads of art and craft.

For this exhibition, Noir Métal is creating an installation that combines the supports for Mélanie Berger’s work and the furniture for Plagiarama. By exploiting materials for their very own characteristics, the respective practices of Mélanie Berger and Noir Métal question the gesture, its potential of transformation and metamorphosis. The artists thus explore the limits of the mediums and disturb the borders between the disciplines.