Aline Forçain & Mohammed Alani
From January 14th to February 10th, 2024


EXHIBITION CONCEPT by Yuna Mathieu-Chovet

Aline Forçain uses drawing and painting to question our relationship with landscape and nature, employing organic materials such as pigments and hair. We tend to place nature outside ourselves, whereas we are part of it, and we are also a fragment of it.

Mohammed Alani creates his works from found objects, capturing simple, evocative balances that sometimes flirt with the absurd. Here, he uses organic and mineral materials such as coal, sand and stone, disrupting the usual use of these objects.

The artistic approaches of Aline Forçain & Mohammed Alani both proceed from a particular relationship between the ensemble and the fragment, expressed in both the whole and its components. Each in his or her own way, they set about defragmenting their environment, while considering every part of it.