Hannah De Corte & Nine Perris
From March 10th to April 27th, 2024

EXHIBITION CONCEPT by Yuna Mathieu-Chovet

Hannah de Corte questions painting, she examines the very nature of the canvas. The support is placed at the center of the work, and the canvas becomes a medium in its own right. The artist materializes the weft, the different densities of the woven threads. She emphasizes the structure of the canvas, revealing what usually escapes our gaze.

The sculptures of Nine Perris take the form of structures. She is interested in the notion of threshold, in the fields of architecture and urban planning, as well as in social and political phenomena. She reinterprets urban furniture as a standard part of our daily lives.

The works of Hannah De Corte and Nine Perris echo each other, approaching painting and sculpture through the notion of structure. Nine Perris summons up architecture and urban furniture in their relationship of scale to the human body. Hannah De Corte reveals the skeleton of the support: the weft, structure and even architecture of the canvas, emphasizing its singular proportions. Each in their own way, the artists question the place of the human in the world, somewhere at the crossroads of vertical and horizontal.