Phil Frankland & Garance Alves
From March 17th to April 28th 2018


EXHIBITION CONCEPT by Yuna Mathieu-Chovet

Phillip Frankland creates large format abstract canvas made of paint and collage. Beyond their raw dimension, these works of art reveal a multitude of details, made of a wide range of classic and non noble materials, staged with sensitivity, and opening doors to the intimate relationship between the work of art and the artist.
Through an almost scientific protocol, Garance Alves creates transparent panels representing clothing deposited by the clients at the dry cleaner. Her work, at the borderline of figuration, is going far beyond the personal anecdote, leading to a wider work of art dealing with sociology. She achieves portraits between the lines, with intimacy and distance.
Both artist whose creation processes are making the counterpoint of each other – distinct, parallel, but complementary- questioning the intimate relationship between the artist and his own work and its own subject.