Kasper De Vos & Sam Coisne
From September 7th to October 21st 2017


EXHIBITION CONCEPT by Yuna Mathieu-Chovet

Kasper De Vos and Samuel Coisne develop a body of work built from our society waste and debris.
Kasper De Vos’ work criticizes the consumer society on a humorous note. He presents raw sculptures, built­ with found waste, subtly underlining contemporary problems due to overproduction and mass consumption. The artist is related to and interested in Belgium cultural history, as he creates a sculpture using raw traditional building materials, diverting them from their original function to make the scale model of a building.
Samuel Coisne demonstrates a keen interest in old techniques such as lace and stained glass. These traditional means are diverted and adapted in a contemporary way. He makes for instance lace with whiting on the windows of the gallery, a fragile and temporary work, paradoxically delicate and raw. With Constellations, a work made of broken glass, he creates a tension between the violence of the gesture and the poetic sensitivity of its result.
For this exhibition, the artists are using traditional means, diverting and updating them in order to give to the society we live in a reflect of its own image.