Pierre Daniel & Eloïse Baele
From March 13th to May 1st, 2022

EXHIBITION CONCEPT by Yuna Mathieu-Chovet

Pierre Daniel’s work encompasses drawings, sculptures, installations, poetry and performances. The body of work deals with issues related to colonialism, social violence and the excesses of capitalism. Laced with dark humor, he develops a universe that defies good taste and summons the satirical, the trivial and the monstrous, to get the spectator into a corner.

Eloïse Baele develops a practice including sculpture, photography, painting and text. She is interested in the process that relates the image to the mind and the concrete to the abstract. She works on surfaces, uses sheets of paper or metal that she cuts and folds. She thus gives birth to intriguing creatures, on the boundary between abstract and figurative, humor and seriousness.

Through poetic approach and humor, Pierre Daniel and Eloïse Baele both address the issue of monstrosity, as a way of questioning our humanity, our need for a more inclusive and more fluid world. They thus echo the words of director Julia Ducournau for whom «Monstrosity is a weapon to push back the walls of normativity that enclose and separate us».