Louis Darcel & Benoît Jacquemin
From November 6th to December 10th, 2022

EXHIBITION CONCEPT by Yuna Mathieu-Chovet

Through the mediums of painting, installation or sculpture, Louis Darcel questions the notions of perspective and cognitive bias, their influence and the confusion caused to the viewer. In his recent airbrushed watercolors, he represents the sky seen through a window superimposed on the reflection of architectural space on the glass, thus disturbing our feeling and our understanding of space and its structure, playing on this tiny border between figuration and abstraction.

Benoît Jacquemin’s work is rooted in a photographic practice and develops in a sculptural way. Starting from the observation of the dematerialization of the world and the omnipresence of digital, his work returns to materiality. He presents here concrete models of architectural elements from dams. He thus underlines the type of relationship that human beings establish with nature, based on domination, control and exploitation.

The works of Louis Darcel & Benoît Jacquemin act in complementarity and echo each other. They highlight the material, mental and conceptual structures and constructions, but also the barriers that we have erected as human beings with what we pose as outside of ourselves. They articulate their research around questions of perception and im-materiality, revealing to us a strange presence, absent to ourselves.